Monday, September 10, 2007

You have GOT to be kidding me

For some reason I watched part of Getting In......Kindergarten, a show about what parents and kids in New York City go through to get into private kindergartens.

You remember kindergarten? The place where you colored, sang "The wheels on the bus go round and round....", took naps, learned to shoot milk through your nose......

Once you apply to the schools of your choice, the candidate, i.e. a 4 year old, is interviewed by representatives from the schools. Then the parents get the preschool little Johnny is currently in to lobby the kindergartens on behalf of the kid. Next, the parents must decide what to wear while hand delivering letters of intent to the schools. Finally, after all the interviews are done, all the outfits picked out and worn, the parents eagerly await letters from the schools. Tears are shed as the school of choice either rejects the kid or places them on the waiting list. Elation is felt when little Johnny is accepted to a suitable kindergarten.

And what does kindergarten cost? Apparently your kid can pick his nose, play tag and nap at the best private schools in NYC for the bargain price of $20,000 a year or more. But don't be dismayed, there are scholarships for kindergarten!

The pressure that is put on these kids is unreal. They are 4 years old. Does a 4 year old ego really deserved to be damaged by watching mommy and daddy cry because he "wasn't good enough" to get into kindergarten?

One of the grandparents had it right when she said her daughter should just move back to Wisconsin where kids can go to a good school for FREE.

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Anonymous said...

It's not just private schools. Many public schools in NYC are just as selective with admissions as the privates. (For example, the Hunter College gifted program shown in the TLC documentary). It all comes down to supply and demand. There simply aren't enough excellent schools in the area to handle the growing population of potential students, so they can afford to be very selective.