Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Things that are Southern.......

Saying y'all, sweet tea, magnolia trees, Spanish moss.

Today Whoopi Goldberg defended Michael Vick saying that dogfighting is "part of his cultural background" and that it's "not an unusual thing for where he comes from."

I guess Ms. Goldberg doesn't know that the first place dogfighting started in the U.S. was New York and some of the cities where dogfighting is most prevalent are Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles.....

Dogfighting isn't cultural or regional. There is no excuse for killing, torturing, electrocuting, drowning or beating dogs for sport, I don't care where you grew up.

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Quasimodo said...

It's just one member of the black tribe defending another member of the same tribe. We see this kind of thinking and action with every ethnic group--except whites. There's something about white folks and our culture that has made us forget our own identity, and makes us open our arms--and our countries--to Others. Too bad the Others don't reciprocate.

Do you think that blacks/Mestizos/whomever are going to be as nice to us as we were to them when they become the majority and we are the minority?