Sunday, September 9, 2007

Is this terrorism?

Has anyone else noticed a pattern here?

March 2007 pet food companies begin recalling products containing contaminated Chinese vegetable proteins.

June 2007 customers are advised to avoid using toothpaste made in China because it may contain a poisonous chemical used in antifreeze.

June 2007 the FDA imposed import restrictions on five types of Chinese-raised fish, because many have been found to contain chemicals that pose health risks, including long-term cancer risks.

August 2007 toys made in China are recalled because they contain paint with high levels of lead.

So in the last 6 months the Chinese poisoned our pets, then the hygienic and ichthophagic (ok, I made that word up) and now they are trying to poison our kids. Acts of terrorism, you tell me.


quasimodo said...

I don't know if it's terrorism, but it's certainly a good reason to kick China out of the WTO. It's also an excellent reason for punitive tariffs and outright bans on Chinese exports.

And that @$$hole "president" of China has the gall to say that his country's defective and harmful exports are a "multilateral" problem!

Omnibus Driver said...

You missed the anti-freeze additive that was subsituted in cough syrup that killed a couple hundred children in South America, did you? I've been boycotting the Chinese since the pet food brouhaha. And, yes. Sometimes it does seems more than coincidental.

Quasimodo said...

The wife and I are engaging in as much of a boycott as possible: we don't buy Chinese junk unless we have no choice and truly need the product in question.

The Chinese Just Don't Care if someone gets hurt because of their dangerous products. They don't care why their products are dangerous--they just want the money.

Yet another case of non-Westerners' incompatibility with Western civilization. (I'm not saying they're all incompatible--just most of them.)

As for terrorism--who are they trying to terrorize, and why?