Monday, September 17, 2007

Butt what does it mean?

William the Coroner has been doing some blogging about body modification and what these modifications tell you about a person. So, I challenge you to tell me what this says about my former patient:

I was told in report that my patient didn't have a penis anymore. As if needing a penile implant wasn't bad enough, he got a post-op infection and his willy had to be amputated. So, as I headed to his room to do my assessment, I was confident that nothing else about this guy could rattle me. I go to lift up his gown assess his abdomen and what do I see......

.....a tattoo of a cat's butt with his bellybutton as the cat's butt hole.


Rick C said...

Wow, there's a guy who's clearly a winner and a people person.

RobC said...

"Asses his abdomen"... that paints wild mind pictures! :-)