Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just to show that researchers can make a correlation between any 2 things:

Study: New Mothers Under Stress Cradle Babies to the Right

The study consisted of seventy-nine new mothers in the United Kingdom. Eighty-six percent of women who expressed no signs of stress or depression held their babies to the left. Holding babies to the right was more prominent among stressed moms with 32 percent showing a right-sided bias.

In other words, 14% of non-stressed, non-depressed mothers held their babies to the right verses 32% of stressed/depressed mothers.

Granted, it has been 4 or so years since I took statistics, but that doesn't seem significant. Especially when you consider that approximately 15% of the population is left-handed (wouldn't left-handed mothers be more likely to hold their babies to the right in order to free up the left hand?)

At least my tax dollars weren't finding this "research." Thankfully my tax dollars go to fund research to that shows rich people have more plants in their yards.

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