Saturday, August 25, 2007

Braves Fan?

I have never been a sports fan. I watched baseball and football when I was a child because my father was Lord of the Remote and we watched what he wanted to watch. I maintain that one of the best things about single life was never having to watch sports. I'm single no more, and baseball and football have reentered my life. But recently I have found myself interested in the Braves because of two things 1) The Mark Teixeira Tribute and 2) Julio Franco.

The song and Teixeira speak for themselves.

Then there is Julio. He just turned 49 years old two days ago is still playing. The Braves signed him the first of August and a few days later he went to the minors to clear a roster spot. Julio is now with the Rome Braves . The oldest player on the team wasn't even born when Julio played his first major league game. He says he's going to play at least until he's 50. The Braves hope to be able to call him back up to the majors in September. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Julio!

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