Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crazy pregnancy dream

After telling my husband about this dream, he insisted I write t it down.......

I'm alone in my house except it's not my house, but it is located where my house is. I hear on the news that there is an space yeti on the loose. One of our friends is trying to get it to cross the street in hopes that it will get run over by a car.

Meanwhile, I've put the 2 big dogs out into the yard and kept the mini-dachshund with me for protection (because ya know, a 12 pound dachshund is more threatening than a 60 pound half American bulldog.) Someone knocks on the door. It is a black man who claims to be a cop and knows Unix-Jedi from the shooting range. Of course, I open the door. He instructs me to go get several guns and all the ammo I can find.

With my guns and ammo gathered, we get in his black sports car and drive to a safe house. We arrived at the house which is surrounded by a moat. There are other people there who are also preparing for the arrival of the alien yeti, who, by the way, can shoot lightening out of his finger tips.

I proceed to load my weapons, deciding that I'll start with the .22 and work my way up to the .45. Now why I would start with a .22 to kill a space yeti who can shoot lightening, is anybodies guess. Suddenly the space yeti dons a jet backpack and soars over the moat and crashes into the house. Everyone is running around the house trying to find and kill the yeti. I'm running down the stairs when I run into the yeti. This is the point where I woke up screaming.


Christina LMT said...

Okay, wtf did you have for dinner?!


jojo said...

...what did the yeti look like?

Sue said...

What a great dream! WOW!