Saturday, December 15, 2007


Forbes has named the 10 most influential infants in Hollywood. Who is being influenced by these babes and why?


Peri1020 said...

Well, the obviously have some influence if they could get Forbes Magazine to write an article about them! I read the article and I though it belonged in People Magazine, not Forbes.

jon said...

I'm thinking kidnappers and other bottom paparazzi. Of course, there's always the "stars" that make millions on photos, but I think they have to stay second in line to the garbage archaeologists that hunt for the elusive pamperous poopous that determines the state of the bowels of these important infants.

jon said...

I forgot the Grand Pooh-Bah. I've heard that all decisions require the midnight scrying of the contents of influential diapers. Great knowledge can be found, and the Grand Pooh-Bah won't make any proclamations until after the scrying.

DirtyBlueshirt said...

I'm reminded of a story from the Golden Age of Athens: Pericles was taking a guest around his house when they came across his son playing in the garden.

"That child rules all Greece" beams the proud father

"How so?" asks the guest

"Well Athens rules Greece, I rule Athens, my wife rules me, and the child rules my wife."

So there can be influential children in the world, just not any on this list.

If I had millions in disposable income I'd make a massive billboard buy throughout the Hollywood area saying something along the lines of
"You are not important, you are not special, you are not above the average person. You get paid millions of dollars because the average person is entertained by watching you, much like a dancing monkey with a funny hat. We don't care what you have to say, so shut up and make with the funny/crying/explosions"