Friday, December 7, 2007

Dear Medicaid Loser,

U-J and I went to the doctor this afternoon. Our insurance changes next year and doctor's visits are going to cost a lot more. So, we decided to see the doc one more time this year so we could get all our prescriptions renewed.

We dropped off the prescriptions at the pharmacy letting them know which ones needed to be filled right away and preceded to kill some time at Home Depot and the pet supply store while we waited.

We returned to the pharmacy to pick everything up. There was a woman in front of me picking up her stuff.

"Why dees pills look diff'rent?" she asks the pharmacist.

"Those are the ones Medicaid will pay for."

"You gots any smaller ones?"

"No, these are the ones Medicaid will pay for."

"Well, I guess I takes dees din," she says with disgust.

She and her 2 kids, both of whom have been running around the store while this conversation occurred, take the pills and leave.

I go up to the counter and fork over $80 in copays.

Dear Medicaid Loser,

If you don't like the free freaking drugs Medicaid will pay for, get a freaking job and some insurance!

The angry, working, tax paying woman in line behind you

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jon said...

Fat chance. It's so much easier to live off the dole and bitch about how terrible the system is.