Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Update #2

Pops was much better today. The BiPAP and NG tube are gone. He's wanting to know when he can go home. He's still in the ICU and will probably be there through tomorrow and then hopefully he'll graduate to a regular room. Some of his quick wit has returned. He definitely has some heart damage. His ejection fraction is only 19%.

U-J and I will be going to my aunt's tomorrow for T-giving (she only lives an hour from the hospital.) Mom is going to spend the day with Pops at the hospital.

I'm going to bed--so tired......


NYC EMS said...

Stopped by to say Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. B said...

So glad to hear he is doing better! Not the best way to spend Thanksgiving, but I'm sure everyone was happy for "extra" family to be around in such a situation.

This is one thing that interests me as I head into nursing school, is once you become a nurse, then how do these family situations work for you? Does your family/friends call you every time someone is sick? Does it help you as a daughter knowing the medical environment to help your dad get better care, or at least explain things to him/mom? Having older parents or grandparents, do you find yourself "diagnosing" possible problems with them when they seem to be "off"?

Just wondering... thanks!

Hope the weekend ends up a good one for you guys!