Monday, October 29, 2007

Get over it already!

I got this email from one of my alma maters today:
On Friday afternoon, a student group decorated the second floor of the Davidson Student Center with various props as part of a Halloween haunted house that was held this past weekend. One of those props was a rope noose that hung in a stairwell. Several people saw the noose before administrators or student leaders realized that this prop was a Halloween decoration put up as a component of the haunted house. Upon notification, Student Affairs administration immediately removed the noose. There was absolutely no offense intended toward any group or individual.
Good grief! I'm so tired of people being so easily offended and
self centered. Guess what? Everything is not about you or someone trying to offend you.

Sometimes a rope tied into a knot is just a rope tied into a knot.

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quasimodo said...

And all too often, a noose (or other "racist" artifact) has been planted by a black person.

The fact of the matter is that modern America is the least-racist society ever--yet those on the left still act as though we're just one goose-step away from firing up the ovens.