Sunday, September 2, 2007

Want another Dan story?

One fine Saturday Dan was late to work. Of course we couldn't call his house to find out what was up 'cuz he didn't have a phone. So, we went about our work and waited.

Several hours after Dan was due to arrive at work he walks into the shop looking a little frazzled.

"Where ya been?"

"I had car trouble."

Knowing that about every 2 weeks he had a flat tire which he replaced with yet another $20 retread, I didn't probe further.

"Well we're glad you are okay."

"Did you know that you have to change the oil in a car?"


"My car caught on fire. When I got it into the shop the guy said it was because I didn't have any oil in the car. He wanted to know how long it had been since I had checked or changed the oil."

You know I had to ask.

"So you have never checked or changed the oil in your car?"


"How long have you owned the car?"

"Ten years."

"I'm sorry, let me get this straight. You have had the car for 1o years and never changed the oil? Never, ever?"

"No one ever told me you had to do that...."

Apparently a Chrysler can run for 10 years on the same oil if there is an idiot behind the wheel.


Nancy said...

It always made me a little angry that the Pre-kindergarten kids I taught often had parents who had plenty of money for cigarettes and beer...and none for shoes or a jacket for their child.

They had money for tatoos, nose rings and gold rings/teeth/necklaces, but none for school supplies.

Oh, and no time to give the kid a bath or even change his clothes after the clothes had been slept in...and the kid wet the bed. We kept changes of clothing and had a washer/dryer, changed the kid, bathed him (had a tub too--was a PPCD campus as well and we rated some special equipment) and then changed him back into the (now clean) clothes he'd worn to school.

Quasimodo said...

Great Dan story! Please share more.


It amazes and appalls me too that people can be so selfish and let their kids suffer while they're at it.

Doesn't it chap your behind that not only do these wards of the state breed more wards of the state, but that we pay them to do it?

How do we pay them? Welfare and child tax credits are the biggest dysgenic policies.

Maybe Devo was onto something....

Anonymous said...

Uh did you ever ask if he attended any special schools?

Denny said...

I knew a girl who bought a VW and eventually blew the engine because she never checked the oil. She didn't even know it used oil. After all the salesman told her it "didn't use any oil".

Anonymous said...

And these people vote?

DixieLaurel said...

Not only do they vote, they vote for democrats.