Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I think it is a requirement

I experienced deja vu reading this. There must be a requirement in every nursing program that you have one teacher that is bat-shit crazy. Maybe the schools are trying to prepare you to deal with psych patients. Anyway, let me tell you about my crazy nursing teacher.

Some of the more notable things this teacher "taught" us were:

1. People don't like feeling uptight like they are in a luggage.
I swear that is a direct quote.

2. Dealing with someone who has been on crack for 3 days straight, 24/7 is difficult.
Wouldn't that be 24/3?

3. Episcopalians don't eat mustard.
Guess they prefer mayo.

4. Drunk people often run off the road and hit telegraph poles.
Can you get a DUI while driving a horse and buggy?

5. You can look in someone's eyes and see the devil in them.
That must come in handy.

6. If you have sex you will get an STD and die.
Sister Mary Katherine, is that you?

Stay tuned. Tomorrow we will have a vocabulary lesson from crazy nurse teacher.

1 comment:

Symph said...

In regards to #4, yes you can. :)